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Wellcome to QuitRagingGaming

We are a gaming community And We Are Family we are out to have fun and we are a Sponsored clan would like to have Elite teams as well you must be 18 or older to be able to be part of the elite team.  But we dont tolerate racism at all in this community or bullying or trolling or for being in any other Clan but us.  If we  found out you were doing any of those you will be kicked and banned immediately. There's going to be a ranking system to move up in the ranks you have to get recruits 5 or more new members  and you must be active on the website if you get recruits and not active on the website you will not move up you must be active on this website.  Everyone in the Gaming Community and your bios have to be correct and they're not correct there will be consequences it will be a warning at first the second time you'll be deranked the third time you'll be kicked so please make sure you have it in your bio correctly thank you.   hope your gaming experience goes Far and Beyond and I hope you enjoy the community if you have any questions you can contact me QRG Pollock76
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5 hours ago Qu33ncrow
Hello everyone! Just letting you all know. I'll never know when to be active, due to work.
2 days ago QRG RAVENLORD
Welcome QU33NCROW 
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2 days ago Qu33ncrow
Hey guys thanks for letting me join!
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8 hours ago QRG RAVENLORD updated their availability: in 14 hours
1 day ago ErectRainbow
Black Ops 4 snipers montages by me comin soon
I'm a straight clip machine when it comes to this shit
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8th Jan DCvillainjoker
Sorry everyone I havent been active. Just been rather anxious an feeling very nonsocail but I'm hoping to be much more active
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3 days ago ErectRainbow
Just got that 100 Percenter on Black Ops 4 multiplayer. Now our clan has that one token tryhard lol video's on my channel
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